Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Rather be weird as fuck than boring as hell!

You are weird. You are giggly. You are completely crazy. ... at least when you're at home.
You are a shy girl. You're insecure and not really confident. ... but only when you're in public.
You like who you are. You hate who you are. 
You hate your looks... most of the time. You hate your body... always.
You wanna be skinny. You wanna have beautiful hair. You wanna look good.
You don't wanna be shy. You wanna be a loud and self-confident girl.
But you're not. You're trying. You're trying all the time, but it doesn't seem to work.
You wanna be crazy and funny like Jennifer Lawrence.
You wanna be a weirdo like Jessica Day.

You'd like to be a movie star. You wanna travel the world. You wanna be free. 
You wanna be careless.
You wanna read as many books as you can. You wanna experience new things. 
You wanna meet new people, new friends... but you're so shy.
You're spending your evenings and nights on Tumblr, dreaming about everything you don't have. You wanna change. You wanna change yourself, but you also wanna change the world.
You're motivated, yet tired and unmotivated.
You're hopeful, yet overstrained.
You're struggling with yourself all the time.

You just wanna be happy, but you're feeling depressed way to often.
You think that everyone you see is happier than you. But they're not.
Most of them are just like you. You're equal, yet different.
You fall in love with fictional characters. You love movies and TV Shows. 
You look up to the actors and characters. They're rolemodels for you, sort of.
You are a fangirl.
You spend all your money on clothes and trips to new places.

You love food, but you're dieting all the time.
You wanna be sporty. You wanna be healthy.
At the same time you wanna eat fast food and candy.
You are a girly girl, but you love Spiderman, Iron Man and all the other Avengers.
You listen to all kinds of music. You love concerts and festivals.
You love fashion and make up. 
You're haughty, but not arrogant. You're nice. Sometimes you're too nice.

You love your life, yet you hate it.
You wanna be loved, but you're afraid of rejection.
You're strong, yet broken.
You're not a stereotype.
You're lazy, yet intelligent.
You're liberal. You're against homophobia and racism.
You might have all these features. You might have not.
You are you.
And you're good. Just the way you are.
Stay strong. 
You're not alone.

... Have you found yourself somewhere in these words? 

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